Two refused bail over brisbane nursing mother jailed for death threats

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Two refused bail over brisbane nursing mother jailed for death threats

A brisbane mother whose husband was found guilty in 2011 of making death threats against her is locked up in prison.

Shawna Satter, 24, was sentenced to six months’ jail last December after pleading guilty to two charges relating jarvees.comto letters that allegedly threatenejarvees.comd her husband.

In one letter, Ms Satter described her husband as a «big faggot».

Satter’s lawyer Michael Smith argued that the sentence should have been extended because the Crown had offered a higher amount.

He told the court the judge deserved leniency for having «a hard case that she’s made».

He said Ms Satter had been «living a double life» as a brisbane nurse.

«That is one of the things she needs to be very careful about because she’s going to have to deal with more anger that is going to result from her family’s life,» Mr Smith told the court on Tuesday.

«There’s people that she’s been with and they’ve been very supportive to her. It’s difficult.»

The court heard that after her husband was found guilty of making death threats against her on April 2, 2012, she called the police after receiving an anonymous note.

A statement from Brisbane’s Public Defender’s Office said Ms Satter’s husband was a licensed domestic violence advocate and a mother of two sons.

During the statement to police, Ms Satter described the letter in which she allegedly threatened to kill her husband as an «over the top, unprofessional letter of a death threat».

Police found the letterjarvees.com inside the Satter home in the early hours of the morning on April 2, 2012.

In the months after the threat was made, Ms Satter’s marriage to Mr Satter fizzled out. She moved back to South Brisbane, where her husband lives in one bedroom apartment.

The following March, Ms Satter’s husband received another letter threatening to kill his wife.

Ms Smith told the court Ms Satter believed the letter was sent in an attempt to «destroy» her husband.

The day before the April 26, 2013, threats against her husband were sent, Ms Satter contacted the police about her husband’s actions, writing him and telling him she believed he had hit the target of her threats.

In an application to have the charges against her dropped last month, Ms Satter’s lawyers argued that she was suffering from a mental health problem an